Wednesday, October 27, 2004

AND SISTER CAME TOO...: We wonder if Kylie actually knows that Dannii Minogue is planning for the pair of them to buy a flat together in Paris. It's something we hope someone at MTV gets rights to cover, if so, as we see the whole thing as a cross between Housetrapped in The Sun, Grand Designs Abroad, The Simple Life and elp, My Sister Is Trying To Steal My Life.

Dannii says that she see her future somewhere other than London:

"I definitely see my future in mainland Europe rather than London - I feel at home there. The South of France reminds me of Australia's laid-back vibe."

Yes, yes, we know that the South of France isn't where Paris actually is, but we wonder what it is that makes Dannii feel so at home down in the heartlands of Jean Marie Le Pen, a politician whose appeal she once said she could understand because he "struck a chord" with voters?

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