Saturday, October 02, 2004

BLAIR WON'T LISTEN. unsurprisingly: Fatboy Slim has been trying to persuade Tony and the Labour Party from using Right Here, Right Now as a soundtrack to their campaigns. Labour have refused to be bothered by Norman's objections to the war, and, since they're not mucking about with the tune in any way, there's precious little Norm can do about it.

Of course, on the other hand, they could just make it difficult for Labour to carry on using the song - a few high profile news stories headlined "Labour Anthem Man Finds Labour Anathema' (or, 'Boy Blasts Blair' at the other end of Fleet Street) might put them off. Or they could perhaps start to associate Blair with the tshirt from the video - "clearly, now Blair's at Number One, he's decided he really isn't going to try any harder..." If Labour won't accept a polite request to stop pretending it's got the endorsement of a musician, the musician surely is more than entitled to use Labour's adoption of his work as a platform for criticising the government?

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