Monday, October 25, 2004

THE EFFECT OF THE RIAA LAWSUITS: "And what became of it at last?" quoth little Peterkin... It turns out that after the hundreds of thousands pumped by the major labels into legal action hasn't dented the use of peer to peer networks at all. The University of California at Riverside and the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis carried out a study of internet traffic:

"We wanted to examine the truthfulness of reports claiming declining P2P traffic and help the community make reliable assumptions concerning P2P traffic estimates and trends," wrote Thomas Karagiannis, a doctoral candidate in computer science at UC-Riverside, in an e-mail. "The assertion of declining P2P traffic was in direct contrast to the constant increase of P2P activity over the last year and counterintuitive to the fact that P2P applications are still the top most downloaded applications (on) the internet."

So, money well spent, then, RIAA. Assuming the idea was just to sully your public image to no good effect. Nice to see the BPI preparing to not bother learning the lessons of history.

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