Monday, October 18, 2004

FIRST, JOHN HOWARD WINS ANOTHER TERM, THEN THIS: e've always felt Australia to be something of a magical place for music, from the Go Betweens via the Sugargliders and Lucksmiths even unto Kylie. Then we see the results of the ARIAS, the Australian music awards, and we shudder - have things got so dark for the lucky country they really believe Jet to be not merely something of which to be proud, but worthy of sweeping a board?

Album Of The Year – Jet ‘Get Born’
Single Of The Year – Jet ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’
Best Group – Jet ‘Get Born’
Breakthrough Artist Album – Jet ‘Get Born’
Breakthrough Artist Single – Jet ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’
Best Male Artist – John Butler
Best Female Artist – Kasey Chambers
Best Pop Release – Missy Higgins ‘Scar’
Best Rock Album – Jet ‘Get Born’
Best Dance Release – Infusion ‘Girls Can Be Cruel’
Best Urban Release – Koolism ‘Part 3 – Random Thoughts’


Anonymous said...

Take that won hundreds of awards and swept the board many times, your point being?

simon h b said...

Take That were a mighty fine pop group.

Jet are, at best, Lenny Kravitz splitting the money with the backing band.

Seriously: I can see that they might be considered worthy some sort of award - I know these things tend to be less about the quality of the achievement than the impact - but any awards ceremony where Jet picks up everything they qualify for suggests something either wrong with the judging process, or the quality of material being judged. Since Australian music is generally pretty good, we'd say it's the judging.

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