Saturday, October 23, 2004

GLITTER AND BUSH - SERIAL OFFENDER: When we first pointed out that George W was happily glad-handing to the great sounds of Gary Glitter, we assumed that it was on a basis that the Republicans just had no idea. We were a bit surprised when Have I Got News For You had a question last night suggesting that the offending Glitter tune had been dropped from the Bush soundtrack - mainly because they were using it on Tuesday in Florida, and since HIGNFY is taped on Thursday, that would have had to have meant the Republicans had axed the song sometime on Wednesday. So we did a quick Google, and discovered that, actually, HIGNFY was referring to the 2000 campaign when they said the song had been dropped. Yep, last time round the Republicans were told Glitter was a kiddie-fiddling type, and, embarrassed, they dropped him faster than an porn-downloading office-working hitting the 'close window' button when the boss comes round:

"Most of our people don't know who he is, but now [that] his background has been explained to us, you will not hear it again at a Gov. Bush rally."

So, this time round, the campaign both knows that Bush is pumping up his crowds using the songs of a paedophile, and doesn't care. Interesting.

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