Saturday, October 02, 2004

THE PAST COMES BACK TO HAUNT US: Democratic Member of the House of Representatives for Dallas Martin Frost planned a fund raising event. He came up with a big name to build his event around, and charged between USD250 and a thousand for tickets. Only problem was the big name was Peter Yarrow, from Peter, Paul and Mary. Yarrow had pleaded guilty to molesting a 14 year old in the 60s, and, although he'd received a Presidential Pardon in 1981, Frost believes in child protection legislation very strongly. Worse, his opponent in the campaign to represent Texas' 32nd Congressional District, Republican Peter Sessions, was making hay with claims that Frost was bringing kiddie-fiddlers to town to build his campaign funds. Frost withdrew the invitation to Yarrow, and removed all traces of it from his website.

Only problem is, he hasn't cancelled the event, and apparently has no plans to return money for tickets sold with Peter out of Peter, Paul and Mary as an attraction - which means he's apparently not prepared to share a stage with a man with a child molestation in his past, but he's happy to raise funds off his name. In addition, Frost accepted a USD1,000 donation from Yarrow last year, which he doesn't seem to be keen on returning.

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