Tuesday, October 19, 2004

PROBABLY MORE SIGNIFICANT THAN THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF ELVIS: Yeah, Elvis recording for the first time was quite important in the development of rock, but without the transistor radio - which turned fifty yesterday - there would have been no rock and roll. At all. And, in fact, by stimulating the development of other consumer uses for the transistor, which lead to the microchip, there wouldn't be any downloading or iPods or anything much today, either.

Sigh. We loved our little Boots TR75. Made us the slightly odd man we are today.


Robin Carmody said...

Another unacknowledged and rarely-celebrated but hugely significant anniversary: the UK government lifting import tariffs, late May / early June 1959. Had the previous restriction on the supply of US records, guitars &c. into the UK been continued it would have been practically impossible for "the 60s" as we understand them to happen (many of the decade's icons started discovering R&B records - in the old sense, of course - around 1960 shortly after the restrictions were lifted).

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Good call, Robin. It would actually be interesting for someone to draw up a history of rock which left out the music and just concentrated on the structure...

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