Saturday, October 30, 2004

SO I MACED HIM AGAIN...: Fun aplenty to be had on the R kelly/Jay-Z tour. The increasingly erratic Kelly (who turned up at a McDonalds earlier this week demanding to be given a go on the drive-thru window - presumably he'd heard the local McDs was a great place to meet teenage girls) thought he saw a pair of people in the Madison Square Garden audience waving guns around. He called a halt to proceedings and insisted the place be searched. No guns were found, but as Kelly attempted to return to the stage, someone from Jay Z's team hit Kelly with pepper spray in the face. It's thought he was pissed off at the buggering about. Jay Z isn't thought to have known what was going to happen, but he wasn't entirely happy with Kelly's antics, either:

"You can't get a gun inside Madison Square Garden," the rapper said. "If people give me love he can't take it."

They should get the Little Angels team in to try and teach Kelly some better behaviour. Or maybe they had, and the pepper spray was their suggestion.

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