Wednesday, October 20, 2004

SO... IT'S JUST A TINY CD, THEN?: Of course, these words could come back to haunt us in five year's time, but we can't see the preloaded memory card for phones with Robbie William's Greatest Hits as anything other than a promotional stunt for the album rather than the launch of a new version of digital music's future.

As it's a shit format - won't actually work on anything other than a mobile phone or similar piece of equipment - which makes the trumpeting of "CD quality sound" a bit of a joke; you'd need a different card for each album you want to take around with you - which doesn't compare well with a digital music player which can hold thirty five billion songs or whatever; and it's supposed to appeal to people "without internet access." So, that's aimed at a market of people who have bang-up-to-date mobile phones but don't have access to the internet. Who would that actually be, then?

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