Saturday, October 30, 2004

STEP FORWARD HALLIWELL: Sandwiched between Sarah Michelle Gellar telling how she had to call for help in a Japanese toilet and The Killers on last night's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross was Geri Halliwell, trudging round the sofas to push her latest so-so single. Asked how she'd managed to produce two volumes of autobiography, she suggested that the books were "more like Adrian Mole or Bridget Jones" - we think she meant diaries rather than made-up tales about shallow, self-obsessed characters, but perhaps she didn't. It's a bit unfair asking Geri about her two books, though - how can anyone be expected to answer questions about things they're unlikely to have read?

Equally extraordinary, she suggested the period where she was so thin she made Victoria Beckham look like a chubby in a fat suit was while she was "living in LA, eating three meals a day, but working out" - presumably she means working out the three meals with a spoon down the back of the throat? She trotted out her usual guff about how she's so happy with her body image now - although she's been saying that for years, hasn't she? And we note she's still flogging the yoga-your-way-to-a-better-body books she was pushing when she was supposedly not so relaxed about things.

We've not quite understood how she can say she felt under so much pressure to be something she wasn't, and yet flogs the self help DVDs she made at the time. Curious, don't you think?

She told Jonathan that she decided to leave the Spice Girls after reading "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway", which gives us a handy idea of her intellectual level - she based her life on one of those books that Waterstones seems ashamed to sell. Oddly, we'd have thought she would have made her choice when she read the writing on the wall rather than in a book, but there you are.

What is astonishing, of course, is that she's the only Spice Girl to still be on the same label she joined after quitting the band. She deserves some credit for that, although when you think about it a bit longer, all the others have tried to do something a little more stretching than very, very basic pop songs. Even Vicky V has tried - however hilariously - to do something more than pull on a "sexy" nurses uniform and run through a simple preteen pop fodder tune. As the man put it, roughly: if you wanna be rich, keep it as dim as possible.

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