Thursday, October 21, 2004

WHY? WHY? WHY?: Who knew, there is something less amusing than the Goldie Lookin' Chain stretching their half joke into a career. Chris Moyles has formed a "tribute" band called - and if you have a heart problem we suggest you seek medical advice before reading any further - Mouldy Lookin' Stain, and in the name of charity (of course, in the name of charity) has recorded a track called Dog's Don't Kill People, Rabbits Do. Which manages to remove the only thing vaguely amusing about the original in the name of a comedy remake. If you must re-record a supposedly funny version of a song that's already supposedly funny, could we suggest you try Young Steve and The Afternoon Boys' I'm Alright instead?

Children In Need will "benefit" from all of this, although we spoke to a twelve year old crack-raddled prostitute living in a shed and having to rely on a machine to keep him alive because he was born with no internal organs. He said that, compared to people who have to listen to Chris Moyles, his life isn't that bad, actually.

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