Friday, November 26, 2004

EMINEM WORKS WITH A DEADMAN: We're not entirely sure how it is so many, so very dead, rappers are able to keep churning albums out long after they've gone to hip-hop heaven, but 2Pac's got a new album out, and it's being produced by Eminem. Assuming this is a proper album, and it's not like the way Virginia Andrews estate keep discovering books that she'd "written" before she died to publish, how exactly is Eminem "producing" rather than just remixing? Is he going to be flatlining himself, going towards the light and shouting "Eh, 2Pac, did you think this track should end in some reverb or should I just stick a fading sample from the I Love Lucy theme on it?" Or are meetings between talent and producer channeled through Billy Roberts?


Anonymous said...

Billy Roberts used to do readings for my nan. He said I'm going to live in Canada and that my sister will play piano professionally. He's married to my mums best friends sister in law too, and has a 'Paranormal Investigation Centre' on Penny Lane. He's a filthy liar.

daisy said...

Hee. And that is all.

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