Tuesday, November 23, 2004

IF FRAN CAN'T CHANGE YOUR MIND THEN NOTHING WILL: Chris Martin says his first instinct on being told they were remaking Band Aid was that it was a horrible, cheesey idea. Obviously, he changed his mind, apparently because Fran Healy was doing it and then he saw something on the news about Darfur. We're not sure how either of those things - both horrific in their own way - actually make Band Aid 20 any less cheesey.


Ric said...

I'd like to know what it'd take to stop Chris Martin appearing on everyone elses singles.

simon h b said...

I fear only the sort of ill-luck that it wouldn't be fair to wish on anyone, such as a collapse in sanity or being underneath Ozzy Osbourne's window as a jewel thief comes plummeting out.

But it does suck, doesn't it? Kate Bush doesn't go near any recording studio for an age; Chris Martin is never out of the Abbey Road complex...

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