Sunday, November 28, 2004

IT'S A TOUGH JOB, BUT...: You'd hate to have to be Police Major General Wisut Wanichbutr from Bangkok: while most people were planning to spend their Saturday night flicking through an improving novel, he was having to swallow hard and watch a DVD of a sex party to determine if it featured local pop star Joey Boy. The cop admitted that even if it did feature him, it was unlikely there would be any charges that could be brough, but that wasn't going to stop him investigating.

The police major general promised today that he would view the CD 'in close detail and from all sides' to determine whether or not the young singer had broken the law, in if so, in what way.

But let's not assume this is just an excuse for watching some rumpo on work time, of course. Justice must be seen to be done, especially in slow-mo and freeze-frame. If he puts the Kleenex on expenses, though, he'll be pushing it.

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