Tuesday, November 30, 2004

NOT WHOLLY, MOLY: There was an odd foot put wrongly by the usually wise Holy Moly mailout at the arse-end of last week:

From Mark Thompson's weekly memo to staff:
"Congratulations and many thanks to everyone involved in Children in Need on Friday.

There were so many highlights: Rolf, Kylie, Trinny and Susannah in Walford, Bananarama. And as for Duran Duran – well, it’s the thought that counts isn’t it?"

Would that be Duran Duran that are due to appear on your Lottery show tomorrow night Mark?

Tell him where to stick it, Nick.

Erm... no, that wouldn't be that Duran Duran, HM. It would have been the "Duran Duran" made up from various BBC News journos dressed up in leather that Mr. Thompson broke off from getting bits of the Beeb valued for to have a snicker at.

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