Tuesday, November 16, 2004

OH GOD: It's rubbish, isn't it? Weak vocals, cheesey bontempi backing... obviously, you're not meant to listen to the thing, but even so... it's a fitting heir to the last Band Aid single. Not so sure about how it stacks up against the first one. Still, it's all for charity, isn't it?

Hang about... that's Chris Martin doing the first line? It sounded like Will Young... have they changed the line-up order, or is that a testament to the quality of the producer Coldplay usually works with?

We're a little confused, by the way: when Bob Geldof says that buying the record is "casting a political vote" - what for, exactly? Is it a referendum on starving? And does that mean the estimated fifty-nine million or so people who don't buy it? Do their votes count as a vote against?

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Ade said...

Screw the single, what's all this unseemly squabbling about the "Tonight thank god it's them..." line? B'oh-no reckons he "really loathed" it, yet Robbie Williams maintained that he staked a claim on it ahead of everyone and Justin Hawkins alleges that Bono's management "kicked up a stink" when Hawkins sang it better. Still can't blame them for fighting over it (erm, while people are starving...) - it is the only decent part of the song, regardless of its "controversial" sentiment.

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