Thursday, November 25, 2004

ONE GOOD ALBUM TOUR DESERVES ANOTHER: As if the whole simultaneous single and album thing isn't quite confusing enough, Bright Eyes is planning to tour each album separately. That's in the States and Canada for now, mind, and by the time he's done the two tours for them, and squeezed in some REM support slots, he might find time to get around to coming to see us with one, both, or more album tours. In the meanwhile, indieheads in the UK will have to console themselves by writing Conor Oberst fanfic...

I could tell by the way he was squirming that Conor was getting turned on; the shifting of the buttocks in a chair spoke of a guy who was trying desperately to manage an erection without either indicating what he was dealing with, nor injuring himself on the inside of his too-tight jeans. But why should I make it easy for him? "Just think, Conor," I whispered, leaning over to where he has sat, "if you'd have set up some UK dates, maybe I could have helped with your difficulty..." I gently patted the stretched denim - it was like a rock. "Then we might all have been happy..."

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