Monday, November 29, 2004

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MAD TO STALK GEORGE MICHAEL...: But it might well be the case. The woman who's been popping up in George Michael's garden is having tests to see if she's mentally competent - we don't think by this they mean she's being sat in a room while doctors say "He's gay. And orange. Are you insane? - and according to Ananova, Police are treating it as a possible 'John Lennon' case. Presumably they're afraid that Michael might start releasing songs about how spiritual he is.

Oddly, the stalker - Lucy Nowak - is alleged to have broken into George's house "and stolen his secret email address", which seems to be a curious way of putting things, as if George came in and there was a big gap in the corner where he used to keep his secret email in a cage.

George says he's so fed up with all this stalkering business he's going to live like a recluse for the next ten years - straight after he's done a big BBC One interview about his boyfriend dying, and a live gig at the centerpiece of Radio 2's Christmas schedules, and finished having to issue press releases about how he's going to be a recluse.

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