Monday, December 27, 2004

BUT SHE DOESN'T ROCK AND SHE'S NOT MUCH OF A PERSONALITY: We've always wondered quite who listens to Virgin Radio these days, and having heard the listener's choice of rock personality of 2004, we're more bemused than ever. Sharon Osbourne? Chat-show host (failed) and judge on a karaoke competition? Even by the standards we've come to expect of the station, that's a pretty weak winner.


Allison said...

Ah, but you see it's all about perspective. Actually Mrs Osbourne winning has considerably RAISED my opinion of the station's listeners. I would have expected, based on the kind of crap played there, I wouldn't have been surprised to hear David Gray or Robbie Williams voted in. At least Sharon is married to the person that could have legitimately won (without any arguments from me, anyway).
One must cease expecting the best from humankind, really... it only leads to disappointment.

simon h b said...

It's a fair point, and I suspect you may have given an insight into the reason behind Sharon's victory when you mention the Virgin playlist:

listener 1: who shall I vote for in their poll?
listener 2: how about that bloke they keep playing?
l1: yes, i like that song... doodoo baaaaabylooon... what's the name of the guy who does that?
l2: um... is it Ken something?
l1: Ken? Or is it Chris?
l2: isn't that the one married to thingy... the actress?
l1: the one married to Kelly Osbourne?
l2: no, you're thinking of her mother
l1: righto, Sharon Osbourne it is then. Now, how do I send a text on this thing?

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