Monday, December 20, 2004

CAN'T ANYBODY LEAVE IT ALONE?: As so often happens when the acting jobs and tabloid scandal have started to dry up, another semiceleb has decided to have a go at a "pop career" - after all, how difficult can it be; it's just like taping yourself doing karaoke, isn't it?

Yep, Amanda Holden, who is famous for having sex with the bloke from the Homebase advert and Boon while married to the guy who used to do the impression of Mavis from Coronation Street. Apparently, Amanda thinks that having a spell as a pop star will be a great way of "taking a break from the limelight" (so, at least she's being realistic about how much interest there's likely to be in her singing) and to give Chris Hughes as chance to have the spotlight taken off him for a while. (No, not the one from TV Cream; apparently she's going to marry this one - and, coincidently, he works in... oh, the music industry. Presumably if she was marrying a butcher she'd be mulling a career arranging her chops in a shop window.)