Friday, December 10, 2004

CASHING IN DECRIED: Still with Peel for a moment, if you've found yourself in front of those "tasteful" displays in the Virgin Megastore - one half starving Africans, one half very large print books about John Peel - and wondered if it might not be worth picking up one of the books, probably best not to: Francis ravenscroft, Peel's brother, has been pretty angered by the rush-release books - "It really is just ambulance-chasing" in his opinion.

For the real thing, there are rumours that the proper biography might be joined by a compilation of Peel journalism - he wrote extensively for, amongst others, Sounds, The Observer and the Radio Times. We really hope the piece from the Observer where he wrote about having to tear himself away from Nelson Gabriel's farewell to Walter to go into a gig at the Norwich Arts Centre is in there, as we've always been curious as to which band it was.

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