Friday, December 24, 2004

CELEB IN 'SPECAIL TREATMENT' SHOCKER: If you wondered whether it wasn't a little cosy the way Diana Ross got to pick and choose when she'd serve her sentence for driving about pissed off her head; the way she was allowed to clock up her hours in little pieces, the food delivered to her cell and the mobile phone she was able to keep with her. It was hardly Cell Block H. Well, you wouldn't be alone: the Greenwich Police Union were also mightily cheesed off with the way she seemed to get special treatment, and issued a 44-page complaint about how Ross appeared to be the boss. As a result, Police Chief James Walters has held a press conference to admit that, yes, he was indeed starry eyed:

"In the situation involving the incarceration of Ms. Ross, I made some poor decisions and accept responsibility for them," Walters said at a news conference Wednesday. He didn't say which decisions he regretted.

Walters said Ross and her lawyers told him that her two-day sentence could be broken into two 24-hour blocks. Without a female guard to supervise Ross, Walters said he thought it appropriate to send her home.

As for her cell phone, Walters said he never allowed her to have one and assumed a police officer searched Ross.

It seems the ordinary plods have some other beefs with the way Walters runs the police; the Police Union voted no confidence in him earlier this month. Walters has been officially scolded.

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