Friday, December 03, 2004

THE CORRECT USE OF IPODS: You'll recall a few years back U2 got into a bit of a grump with Negativland, believing that a little sample and some artwork might "confuse" U2 fans. Now, bringing the batttle up to date, Negativland have created a U2 vs Negativland special edition iPod. It's the usual iPod U2 special edition, only it also comes pre-loaded with Negativland albums too. Ebay have it

We've also just come across this interview where The Edge found himself being interviewed by Negativland - of course, you know, the band wouldn't have reacted like that, but it was the label, and what could they do, it's not like Island's biggest artists have any influence... To be fair to Edge, though, he does talk through the implications; even, at one point, when the phone goes down, he rings back to continue the conversation.

[Thanks for the Ebay watching to Fergus]

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