Sunday, December 05, 2004

IT'S NOT A REPLACEMENT, MORE A... UM, DIFFERENT HOLE-FILLING THING: After ten years, of course, and with all of their values unbuckled over the course of that decade, there's no reason why the Manic Street Preachers should feel obliged to defend hiring a second guitarist; but, of course, as we edge towards that raw anniversary this December, suddenly having a second guitarist on stage could be seen as requiring some explanation. Not, of course, that Guy massey, who is popping up on the new UK tour, is a replacement for anyone, not at all, says Nicky:

“It was a difficult decision to come to, but we just needed (another guitarist) desperately. We always have done, James has played three guitarist parts at times, and done backing vocals at the same time.

“Guy is an Abbey Road engineer who’s engineered a lot of our records. We’ve known him since 1996. We always knew he was a good guitarist, and it’s not like a big obtrusive thing, it’s not like he’s replacing Richey, good God no. Like I said tonight when we played ‘This Is Yesterday’, I sat at my desk and wrote the lyrics to ‘This Is Yesterday’ with Richey and nothing’s ever gonna replace that. It’s just a musical thing.”

Of course he's a replacement. And there's nothing wrong with calling up some extra musical support to help out. Indeed, you'd suspect Richey would feel more aggrieved at the 2004 Manics suggesting there's a role for him that's being left empty than the pulling in of someone else to add some extra music noodling.

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