Friday, December 10, 2004

NO HEART TREMORS FOR SHAKY: Apparently, the rumours running around that Shakin' Stevens had a heart which was about to collapse are all a load of old eyewash - his publicist has explained away Shaky's recent heart check-up as being part of the preparation for his appearance on the Keith Barrett Show; it's well known that the strains placed on the heart during a spoof chat show can be large and so it's recommended that all stars check they're fit before doing so. Nobody's allowed on the Kumars without a signed chit from a medical man and a full sperm count - and that includes the women.

Shaky - whose real name is Shakin' - was apparently amused by the claims he was a heavy smoker, said his publicist:

"I've been in his company socially for many years and he has the odd cigarette after a meal, but that's it. There is no way he's a heavy smoker."

Which is true, but he does need a full dinner to clear his lungs before he can get up in the morning.

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