Monday, December 06, 2004

OUR APOLOGISE TO AMERICA: Apparently, Duncan James from Blue has got so angry with people taking the piss out of him all the time, he's going to pack his little suitcase and run away to America. Duncan believes that, in Hollywood, he can support himself as an actor and that "everyone's pleasant" there. Well, we're sure that's true - they'll open their hearts and homes to a washed-up boyband star who thinks he can act demanding roles in movies; we've heard that America in general, and California in particular, have got a real shortage of deluded pretty-boys to fill out audition queues. "Some days," a Beverley Hills producer told us, talking exclusively, "you have to drive around for twenty minutes before you can find a half-decent chicken."

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Hanna said...

I think I speak on behalf of all my fellow Californians when I say one more won't make one bit of difference. He can join the parade of losers for his 15 minutes of fame if he likes. And who started this vicious rumor that Angelenos are pleasant? :)

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