Tuesday, December 07, 2004

ROCK SICK LIST: Bad news for Marianne Faithfull fans - her tour has been put on ice. Marianne collapsed after a seizure in Milan and doctors have told her she's exhausted and needs three month's rest. There's a statement:

"At first it was hoped Marianne would be well enough to resume the tour after a week’s rest - the six most immediate concerts were postponed last Thursday morning.
"Doctors, however, have now advised Marianne to take three months’ total rest and the remaining dates on the tour have been pulled. All the shows will be re-scheduled for the spring of next year.
"Marianne’s exhaustion is the consequence of a gruelling work schedule that started with her summer stage performances in ’The Black Rider’, director Robert Wilson’s celebrated and award-winning theatre production. 'The Black Rider' opened at London’s Barbican Theatre in May before transferring to San Francisco in August - Marianne starred in some 75 performances of the opera before the production’s American season ended in mid-October.
"Once ’The Black Rider’ had finished in San Francisco, Marianne immediately embarked on a promotional tour of Europe in support of her ’Before The Poison album, released at the end of September.
"She then went into rehearsals with her band to prepare for the European tour, which opened in Iceland on Thursday 11th November. Marianne had played dates through Scandinavia and in Germany before reaching Italy on Wednesday."

We hope they didn't make her read through the statement before the released it - it goes on a bit, and if she's feeling a bit under the weather...

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