Tuesday, December 07, 2004

THANKS, DAD: It seems, if the internet is anything more than just a snake pit of rumours and lies, that Britney's hacked off with her dad for using her to push his business - seems Jamie Spears told investors that if they put up the cash for his smoothie stand, he'd get Britney to pop by the Malibu location three times a week to help trade. Brit's pissed off that he could use her like this, trying to squeeze a living off her fame - especially now she's got a husband to do that for her. We're just wondering who would have fallen for the pitch in the first place - presumably Jamie made it sound more plasusible by suggesting she might just do a couple of visits in a week when she was touring China?

If you'll excuse us, we're off to check up on Buster Pearson's hot dog stand: it occurs to us that not only has he paid us back for the big pump-action mustard and ketchup dispenser we bought for him, but we've never once seen Delroy or Deniece down there....

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