Friday, December 03, 2004

THEY DO REALISE THEY'LL HAVE TO SING, DON'T THEY?: It's only taken a year and a half, but Girls Aloud have decided to go on tour. We're sure the implications of this have been explained to them, so we can only assume they're ready for this big, exciting leap. Kimberley Walsh:

"We've been itching to do this for a long time. But we decided to wait until we had two albums worth of songs to perform before we took to the stage. The time is right for us to give the fans a show they deserve. We're so excited."

That's what the delay has been, then - they've been waiting until there were enough songs around for them to sing. Not because most venues doubted they'd be able to pull a cracker come Christmas, much less a crowd. We do wonder how new bands manage to fill their shows, though: some groups go on tour before they've recorded any albums at all.

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