Wednesday, December 08, 2004

TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE CAN'T BE WRONG. OH, HANG ABOUT: The power of pulling together a genre-specific style and the wide-open market of pop has been demonstrated again, as this woman goes double-diamond (or twenty times platinum):

Yup, Come On Over Shania Twain (which sounds like an invitation rather than an album) has become only the sixth album to reach that level of cultural ubiqiuty - and she's the first woman to get anywhere near that level of sales. Only The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Jacko, Billy Joel and Led Zep have also managed to sell twenty mill of one album, which makes Shania officially bigger than U2, Madonna and, of course, Kim Wilde.

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Anonymous said...

An invitation or a choice. Surely there's a slash missing: "on/over".

That could just be me though.

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