Monday, December 06, 2004

WE'RE ALL SO SORRY: In the spirit of the season, Jon Bon Jovi has apologised to the Beckhams for calling his son Romeo: although, really, it's his son he should be apologising to.

Jon explains that he had no idea that Sticky and Thicky had named their second spawn Romeo:

"We actually called him Romeo thinking it was the most beautiful, original name in the world, only to find out that David Beckham had already chosen it - so we apologise to the Beckhams for that."

Yes, the Beckhams had got there first with this "most original" of names. And we did hear that some bloke had used the name for a character in some film or something once a while back. And Lil'Romeo. And Romeo from the So Solids. And Romeo Rodriguez and every sixth Hispanic in the world, of course. You might have a lot of sorrying to do there, Jon. Still, the next kid should be fine - we'd imagine you'll be on much safer ground calling them Jesus.

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Eric2 said...

Romeo Void were probably unavailable for comment. However, I suspect they'd want Jon to apologize for being on TV. I mean, like the rest of us they probably felt like we were done with his lame ass after his crappy band broke up.

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