Wednesday, December 22, 2004

WILLIAMS BEATEN BY CHUBINDIE: Who would have given odds on Keane having the best-selling album of 2004 at the start of the year, eh? This is on the basis of HMV sales, of course, so when the official chart comes out positions might be reversed, but there's something warm and satisfying that a debut album can outsell a solid banker like a Robbie Williams singles compilations. Sure, they might not be the most excitingly daring of bands, but for a bunch of unknowns to triumph in the marketplace - it does give you a warm feeling about the record-buying public, doesn't it?


Robin Carmody said...

Why would anyone be surprised? If the tabloid Times was a band, it would be Keane. If serfs' dog tags were a band, they would be Keane. This really should be a companion piece with your post re. the Libertines, Newsnight &c.

Anonymous said...

A warm feeling?

Oh for sure. It's the same warm feeling my aged aunt gets every time she has a little "accident".

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