Tuesday, January 11, 2005

ARMY MODS: We'd have thought that Bjork would have been a little wary of unsolicited packages, what with her history, but it seems she does happily open jiffy bags which turn up at her flat in Chiswick, and has ammassed quite a pile of unrequested remixes of Army of Me. After ten years worth of these things coming in, she's decided to stick them all out on a double CD Yep, an 2CD set of nothing but Army of Me. All the money the record makes will go to charity, assuming, of course, that it makes any - not that Oasis have ever had problems flogging albums where it's just variations on the same song over and over again.

If you'd like to be part of this unprecedented-except-for-that-Toms-Diner-album project, there's still time to send remixes in: the addy is bjorkremixes@gmail.com. 128kbs mp3s and, we're sorry, but we can't return any pictures.