Friday, January 07, 2005

IN THE LORD'S NAME, WHY?: Oh, good god, Fischerspooner are about to try and refloat themselves off the back of the Scissor Sister's popularity ("are about to release a second album"). Apparently, they've spent two years working on the collection, Odyssey, in which time they came up with "up to 25 different ideas for songs". That's perhaps as many as one a month.

We suspect the schedule for those two years have been thus:

Jan - Mar 2003: Wait for ears to stop ringing from the noise of the world's laughter
Apr - Nov 2003: Trying to find their EMI contact's new phone number - "No, Casey, the person answering says it's a Chinese Restaurant, again..."
Dec 2003: Period spent as elves in George Henry Lee's Santa's Grotto
Jan - Aug 2004: Sorting out the fall-out from telling the woman down the dole "We are not unemployed... we are culturally vibrant"
Sep 2004: Secure job working in a TV rental shop
Oct 2004: Catch sight of Scissor Sisters on TV in shop quarter; confuse Sisters' bright, shiny, happygaypop with the sort of po-faced, fun-removed Romo stuff because both bands use eyeliner
Nov 2004: Wondering if other people - maybe even record-buying people - might get equally confused. "Warren, have we still got that bag of Number Seven eyeliners and stuff?"
Dec 2004: Knock together a couple of dozen songs

There is, of course, a joyless, self-important statement:

"We worked hard, for an extraordinary two years with some extraordinary collaborators, to make a coherent AOR record, a total statement. Inspired along the way by psychedelia, classic rock and the ideas of the romantics that were the roots of rock and roll, we tried to combine those influences with our own take on modern pop music to create something new and, hopefully unique."