Friday, January 28, 2005

LIGHTS GO OUT OVER AMERICA: Razorlight's chances of turning themselves into a force in the US have been buggered by Johnny Borrell's throat. Or possibly not. Although the cancellation of dates is now being explained as because of Johnny's larynigitis, a post apparently by Borrell on the razorlight message boards gives a different reason for his leaving the stage in Denver:

apologies Reply with quote

hi i would like to apologise to any fans who were at the denver show last night, i can't explain why i wasn't capable of playing. i was gripped by an extreme stage fright.

i can't really explain it. I will play for free next time we come back here, which i hope will be in april.

thank you for coming out and i will see you next time

x johnny

i hate whingeing rock stars as much as you do


Compare with the statement given to now the tour has been pulled:

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM that Borrell began to feel sick after the band’s show in Denver (January 22).

The singer’s condition progressively worsened as the group trekked through shows in San Diego and Phoenix earlier this week. After seeing a doctor in Phoenix, Borrell was diagnosed with laryngitis and prescribed a round of antibiotics to fight the throat infection. He flew back to Britain last night and under the advice of the physician has been ordered to rest his voice and not speak.

We're sure that that's what happened then, although we're really surprised at someone with such severe laryngitis taking a transatlantic flight, but then we're not doctors, are we? Still, it's lucky it's a proper illness as you'd be less likely to claim on your tour insurance for a stage-fright cancellation.