Thursday, January 06, 2005

MAN FORCED TO BUY IPOD: A chap called Thomas Slattery - tantalising close, but not close enough to Tony Slattery to allow us to look for a chance to make a "Of course, she's a lady" joke - has brought a lawsuit against Apple, claiming it forced him to buy an iPod in order to take his iTunes stuff with him. We're not quite sure why Slattery felt he was being forced to use iTunes in the first place, although it's possible that Steve Jobs used some sort of sword or something; his case seems to be based on iTunes being a distinct market in its own right. We're not expecting the case to get far, but we hope the judge doesn't laugh at him for being a person using the courts for the right to have a crappier MP3 player.

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Anonymous said...

When you buy Apple hardware you can use it only with Apple software. Apple even used DMCA law to force that. Apple always produces its products in that manner. Obviously someone should take Apple to the court, and even though you like Apple suing people or abusing its monopoly on music market, not everybody likes that. I wouldn't employ anyone like you who disrespect users.

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