Saturday, January 08, 2005

A RADICAL READING OF THE TEXT: VH1 in the states boradcast a programme about Kiss a few times last summer. During the course of the programme, there was much discussion about Gene Simmons' sex life, with Simmons bragging about how he was a twenty-four hour sex machine, and there were no women off-limits, and so on. As part of an illustration of this, a photo was flashed up showing Simmons with his ex-girlfriend Georgeann Walsh Ward. Ward, however, was far from happy, and is now suing Simmons and VH1 and probably a few other people claiming they slandered her, and gave the impression that she was a loose woman.

Her big beef is probably that she believed that during the three years they were dating, she thought that she had a monogamous thing going on with Gene, and you can understand her being surprised to discover that wasn't the case (although we guess she should have twigged a little before 2004 that Gene wasn't so good at the going steady). It's not quite clear how she believes people might inferred from the words and the photo that she was loose, but I'm sure her lawyers are working to find a way.

[UPDATE: There's movement on this story in November 2005]


Anonymous said...

just because the music industry supports a sexist worldview that regards all women as hookers doesn't mean women have to stand by while they treat us like b*tches and h*s. we don't have to judge his lifestyle..that's his business, but he doesn't need to implicate people in it either. i hope she wins. i think it was vh1 that was negligent here, because they buy the whole "all women are groupies" philosophy. it didn't occur to them to consider that when they used photographs to represent the women gene was talking about they should have been accurate. just because he wants to talk about what a stud he is doesn't mean he gets to suggest on tv that every woman photographed with him was his nympho lover! what is this? high school? sorry's 2005 and women have rights too. good for her for sticking it to them. if she doesn't win she should produce a documentary where she repeatedly talks about all the small-dicked men she's been with and flash photos of her with gene on the screen. then we'll see how he likes it. mf

M.C. Glammer said...

Johnny Cochrane: Your honour, Mr. Simmons will now prove this small dick allegation to be a falshood. Mr Simmons...
Ziiiiiiiiipppppp....Jury: Gasp!
Gene: Robbie who?


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