Wednesday, January 05, 2005

SOUP STEW: We already have a favourite guy of 2005: the waiter who poured creamed spinach into Jessica Simpson's lap on accident. The whole thing was caught on camera, as Simpson is attempting to shore up her flailing music career by doing another season of MTV's Newlyweds (presumably this one will be called The Honeymoon Is Well Over). The MTV crew were pissing themselves, the staff were pissing themselves - the only people who weren't laughing were Simpson and her husband-of-sorts Nick Lachey. Lachey drew himself up to his full five foot two and tried to make the manager get his staff to apologise, although surely laughing at a puffed-up airball being covered in hot, gloopy vegetable side-dishes is merely human nature? Proving himself to be even more of a dick, Lachey then whined about the temperature of his filet mignon (we would have thought that was the least of his worries on his plate by this point) and then refused to pay the bill. The whole tossy episode will be paraded on MTV at some point in the future.

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