Tuesday, January 04, 2005

THOSE WHO DON'T LEARN FROM HISTORY...: Remember Passengers? You will if you've ever set foot in a second hand record shop, most of which have so many copies of the U2/Pavarotti "experiment" visitors are invited to grab handfulls of them - an offer few take up. Well, since Bono seems incapable of admitting when he's made a mistake, U2 are going to record with Pavarotti again.

Speaking from behind sunglasses, Bono said "Do you get it? He's a classical singer, and we're a rock band. Isn't that astonishing what we're doing there... classical music hooked up with rock music. We're just amazing... it's breaking down pre-conceptions..." shortly before accepting cease and desist letters from William Orbit, Malcolm McClaren, the bloke who did Tubby The Tuba and Mark Stewart,