Wednesday, February 09, 2005

DOWN AT DOWNLOAD: The annual attempt by Clear Channel to prove that rock is its bitch, the Download Festival, has announced its headliners for 2005: Feeder, money, Black Sabbath, money, and System of a Down will be topping the bills; Garbage are the band who could make it worth going; and the comedy tent is going to be filled by Velvet Revolver, Him, Slipknot and Billy Idol.

Ozzy's press comment sounds strangely lucid:

"Donington is the home of great music and I'm really happy to be playing there again. Download is going to be a fantastic show and we'll be pulling out the stops to make it a special experience for the crowd and everyone at Donington, I'm really looking forward to seeing those fans again."

We suspect it might have been translated from the original "urrrr... Down... what?"

This year, apparently, there's going to be a plan to try and copy the Reading Festival plan and slow indiefy affairs, by having a slightly less shouty-stupid line-up on the first day. June 10th if you're keen.

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