Wednesday, February 09, 2005

ELTON JOHN IN OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNTS SHOCK: But not his own - there's anger in Scotland that ticket agents are charging up to 13 per cent booking fees for his Easter Road gig. As Elton fan Dougie Sinclair says, it's hard to see exactly how these fees can be justified in a computer age:

"It was a 90-second phone call.

"I couldn’t grasp how they can justify charging that much as a handling fee for something that took so little time.

"To rub salt in the wound, they then said it would cost me another £1.40 to pay for postage if the tickets were sent to my house.

"I think the girl on the phone must have realised how ridiculous that seemed and she said she’d waive the postage fee.

"I expected to have to pay a booking fee on the tickets, but I don’t understand why it would cost them more to process a £60 ticket than a £40 one. Most people probably don’t even realise, they just accept the charge they are given."

Although, of course, ticket sellers aren't meant to be quoting prices in adverts that don't include the booking fee - an OFT ruling that seems to be largely ignored at the moment; this could be the reason that the OFT is now about to launch a more serious investigation into the booking fee rip-off.

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