Tuesday, February 01, 2005

FURTHER SUGGESTION THAT IT MIGHT NOT BE LARYNGITIS: Not, of course, that we don't believe the official line, but the new Time Out has a feature written by Chris Salmon who saw Razorlight's Denver gig - the one Borrell walked out on - and, well, he doesn't seem to think that it was down to a sore throat, either:

Journalist Chris Salmon spent time with the group in the US and witnessed the Denver gig, during which singer Johnny Borrell walked out mid-way through the set.

Borrell, who has been upfront about his teenage drug addiction, had apparently been drinking heavily the previous day, and admitted subsequently that he was "very drunk." "If I start drinking I just fucking lose it completely," he added.

His behaviour and subsequent comments did little to still rumours of internal divisions in the band, which many have come to perceive as a talented frontman - Borrell - with three other hangers-on.

"I can't believe he [walked out]" said guitarist Bjorn Agren. "The gig is sacred."


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