Thursday, February 10, 2005

GHOST IN THE MACHINE: From the 'and what did you expect' file, Charlie Simpson complains that Universal ran Busted like a machine:

"I was in London and an opportunity came up. At the time, when Blink 182 and Green Day broke and the whole pop-punk thing went really big and I just thought, 'It's better than being at school,' so I gave it a go.

"And it ended up being this massive thing and I was like, 'Oh shit!' When I joined it was three songwriters writing music for a laugh. And then it got put into this machine that was Universal and came out as a big-branded thing.

"It was a fun three years and it just came to the point where I wanted something that my heart was in."

Who knew that a being in a boyband would be like working on a Mr Kipling Pie Factory production line? We do, however, cherish the idea that Busted were meant to be a kind of Blink-182 clone: obviously, the tunes were too good for that to happen...

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