Saturday, February 12, 2005

HALLIWELL - THE TORY PARTY OF POP: If you're planning on setting out on re-inventing yourself, you might find it a little easier if you have some idea what you're reinventing yourself as. Geri Halliwell seems to just cling to the hope that a reinvention is an end in itself.

This week just gone, she's sacked her manager and axed her planned UK tour. Now, the large piles of boxes marked "Halliwell - Tickets" cluttering up box offices across England might be something to do with all this. But, oh no, she's on her third manager since last summer and axing gigs because everything is perfect, according to a spokesperson:

"Currently in the midst of finishing her forthcoming album, Geri's new team have advised her to postpone her May UK tour.

"Innocent are excited about the new album and look forward to being able to promote it properly before Geri embarks on the tour."

Righto, then... so she's finishing her album at the moment, and so she's had to pull a tour in May as a result? Are the automatic doors in the studio
very slow to respond when someone tries to get out?

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