Thursday, February 10, 2005

HOLIDAY '88: (For some reason, in the same way that Film 2005 will always be Film 76 in our mind, Holiday never got past being Holiday '88 for us). Anyway... Fred Durst. He's been quiet on his Xanga site for a while now - we'd assumed that maybe he'd been getting more tattoos or something, or perhaps the Feds had arrested him to ask him why he's a bloke nearing forty pretending to be a teenager online; which does look kind of bad. But actually, he's just started another blog, over on the "official" Limp Bizkit site, where he reports today from Prague, a city that is lovely indeed, but somewhat ruined by clueless American tourists cluttering up the busy streets. Let's see what Fred has to say, eh?

have been in prague, and i am still here, putting vocals on the new album. the world has so many wonders to it. the czech people are a very interesting society. i do enjoy it. this album is dark musically already, but when mixed with the tone in the air of prague it becomes somewhat horrifying.

It would be diverting to spend some time correcting the grammar, but frankly we're not entirely sure what the "it" is that Fred enjoys - the Czech people? Their society? Information Technology? - so we'll move on. What exactly does Fred find in the Prague "air tone" that is making the new album horrifying? (Although we do bet it is a fright when it's released, certainly)

wes, ross, and myself have set up protools and a beta 57 microphone in an old apartment right near the charles bridge. this is where i am connecting with the darkness. some days are explosive others just plain heavy from the gothic aesthetic of this city in general. we have gone to the other side a few times with absinthe to discover the unknown. as it seems the unknown is quite demanding these days.

Not going much further than the Charles Bridge? Check. Drinking absinthe and feeling that this must mean you're having some sort of experience? Check. Pretending that because you know the word 'gothic' makes you 'connect with the darkness'? Check. It's the tourist album, isn't it?

we have watched no television or listened to no radio. we walk everywhere we go on cobblestone streets. the beggers bow down, as if they were praying, and hold their hands out for money. much different than the states. the weather is very cold and unforgiving. the perfect call for where my head needed to be.

Yes, it is "much different than the states", Fred - there, the beggars hold little paper cups on the side of the asphalt. A completely difference world but cobbles, isn't they?

as for updates on this site or anywhere else, you know we are finishing our new album which we consider the best of limp bizkit. definitely the heaviest and most consistant in intention. so i can only emphasize that this needs room to grow its wings on its own and does not need to have its innocense and freedom taken away by every detail that could be provided along the way until it is ready to take off on its own. that time is very near. we have created a monster that cannot be kept down for long.

If the album is heavy, it's going to need some very large wings that it's going to be growing on its own, isn't it? We ran this paragraph through babelfish, and it kept coming out as 'Shit, we don't think the record company is going to like half of this old twattery, and yet we've spent a fucking fortune coming to Prague and getting pissed on the lager. We'd better not mention anything in detail about the stuff we've recorded as it'll probably have to be junked and we'll use the rehearsal tapes we did back in the US... but the record company don't have to know that, do they? It'll just be our little secret.'


Eric2 said...

Hahahaha. I love the Durst updates. Thanks, I feel so much smarter now.

Anonymous said...

the czech government sucks: no warnings, no alarms, or sound of sirens or SOMETHING so we could flee our city before the limps have arrived.
jana, prague

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