Saturday, February 12, 2005

MARILYN MANSON GUILTY AS CHARGED: As we've said before, we don't know if Luke Mitchell killed Jodi Jones; it looked to us more of a Not Proven rather than a guilty, but then we weren't on a jury. But the passing of sentencing again tried to shift some of the blame for the murder onto Marilyn Manson. The prosecution, as you'll recall, had spent lots of time showing the jury Mazza stuff with the implication that liking this sort of thing had to mark you out as a wrong 'un - and it was a theme the judge, Lord Nimmo Smith, would return to as he was passing judgement. But was there a link?. The Manson stuff shown to the jury was a bit icky, if you don't see through Marilyn to the clown he actually is:

The clips shown in court portrayed a naked young girl lying on the ground and areas of foliage and undergrowth. Also, two women, bound together, were seen being hooded and molested and put in a car. Manson could be heard saying: "Kill me, kill everyone, let them all die... Stop rehearsing alcohol and start performing narcotics."

Mmm. Pretty damning. Only thing is, of course, that Luke hadn't actually seen this video at the time of the murder:

The jury [...] watched part of a Manson DVD which Mitchell received when he bought the singer’s CD, Golden Age of Grotesque, two days after he murdered Jodi in woods near her home.

Thereby making this a curious premeditated crime where the perpetrator aped a movie he wouldn't see until after the killing. It seems a little odd that a prosecution has to rely so heavily on the laughable belief that Manson is a menace to society rather than any direct evidence tying Mitchell to the scene. Downloading a couple of Manson paintings from the internet and going "Hey... these are of a murdered woman... just like the woman was murdered here" isn't really police work.

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