Thursday, February 10, 2005

NOW: IT'S THE BEASTIES AGAINST THE COLONEL: The Beastie Boys have joined up with PETA to take part in the campaign to try and stop the grease-and-cardboard chain KFC from torturing its chickens:

In an open letter to KFC Chief Executive Officer David Novak, the Beastie Boys call for a halt to the fast-food chain's use of suppliers that break birds' beaks or use growth-inducing drugs.

"You have a responsibility to tell your suppliers that what they are doing is wrong," the band writes. "By doing nothing, you are to blame for the cruelty that these chickens endure, which is truly sickening."

The Beasties are joining an interesting coalition of the Rev Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons. We kind of hope they get together to do a single.

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