Wednesday, February 09, 2005

PETE: MY NO DRUGS HELL: Mr. Doherty is out, then, and all over the tabloids. Apparently, you know, this time it's all going to be different:

"I'm going to stay clean. I'm determined to do it for Kate and my mum, the two women I love. Everyone has been telling me for months but I wouldn't listen. This is the shock I needed."

Eh? The previous, proper prison sentence wasn't the shock you needed, but this one, for some reason, will be? Even though you were only on remand? Not sure we totally follow that, Pete. And he does seem to be up to his old tricks already...

... as he appears to have sold an exclusive interview to two tabloids. The Mirror and The Sun both seem to have lapped up his pleas that this time, everything will be different - but how many times have we heard that?

Meanwhile, the Star seems to have a different story:

...although we've not quite worked our way through the story to see how a man with a curfew intends to "wreck the Brits" without being sent back to prison (presumably to get the shock he needs topped-up?), so we suspect it might be the sort of bollocks you'd read in the Star. Look, they've got Kelly Brook on the cover like anyone has any interest in her this side of the millennium.


Simon said...

And to think people complained about Ellen MacArthur getting disproportionate amounts of coverage.

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