Tuesday, February 08, 2005

ROBBIE WILLIAM'S SEXUALITY QUESTIONED SHOCKER: Yes, yes, the Scissor Sisters are going to headline the V festival - but they're American, they probably don't realise it's all a bit Target Greatland - but more interesting is Jake Shears calling Robbie Williams out:

[Shears] rejected the claims that no other bands are as gay as them.

"There have been loads of gay bands in the US," he told The Sun newspaper.

"Just because we're not closet cases like everyone else. If you want me to name names, I will. Robbie Williams is a gay man. Just look at him."

Are you insane, Jake? Robbie Williams gay? We've never heard such an unlikely claim. He's had sex with all of the Spice Girls. Except the lesbian one, obviously. He appears in pop videos with young girls drooling over his body. Why, surely his long-term flatmate Jonathan Wilkes would have been the first to know if Robbie was gay at all, and he's never said anything about it, has he?

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