Saturday, February 12, 2005

ROOTING THROUGH THE SMALL ADS: The NME is trying to track down people who placed small ads leading to light, filler articles ("funny tales"), which actually is a pretty neat idea - especially if they included the now-defunct Melody Maker, which always had a much bigger bands section. We placed a few NME personal ads ourselves, before they stuck the prices up so far it wasn't really worth doing any more.

Still, if it was us, we'd definitely include the time the Daily Mail condemned the whole of the NME classifieds because they were full of gays and witches - and some gay witches, too; and we'd seek out David Miedzianik, who has been a small ad regular in the pop press since right back when there was a choice. If you've got a story, of course, the NME wants to hear from you.

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